CONFESSIONS: Saturdays from 3:15 to 3:45 pm and upon request.

BAPTISM: Baptisms are scheduled Saturday after the 4pm liturgy and Sunday after the 10:30 am liturgy.  Please call the office at 561-278-1280 to schedule.

HOLY COMMUNION: Please call the office at 561-278-1280.

CONFIRMATION: Please call the office at 561-278-1280.

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION FOR CHILDREN: If you are interested in religious education for your children. Please call the office at 561-278-1280.

ANOINTING OF THE SICK: Please call the office at 561-278-1280.

GOING TO THE HOSPITAL: If you or someone in your family is going to the hospital, please call the office at 561-278-1280 and leave the information regarding the patient (in for tests, in for surgery, critical condition, in what hospital, etc.) with whomsoever answers the phone. Too often we do not get any details regarding the patient, nor the correct message, so PLEASE have a family member or a responsible friend or neighbor call. Also, do not forget to tell the admitting office that you are Catholic and the name of  your parish so the priest can visit you with  the sacraments.